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Literacy Resources

Literacy Resources

Our literacy range focuses on big bold bright teaching resources that are perfect for both visual and kinesthetic learners.

These literacy products are designed to aid children's learning whilst being fun at the same time.

Our literacy teaching resources enable children to realise their latent abilities enabling maximum independence.

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Alphabet Playmat

Our Alphabet Playmats are colourful fun giant mats which have the letters of the alphabet printed on..


Alphabet Tiles Pack

Our Alphabet Tiles are great for teaching children the letters of the alphabet and for playing liter..


Jumbo Letters

Our Jumbo Letters are a pack containing 26 colourful large lower case letters.Each letter measur..


Jumbo Literacy Set

Our Jumbo Literacy Set contains:24 Alphabet Tiles. 24 Picture Tiles. 26 Jumbo Letters. ..


Large Alphabet Tiles

Our Large Letter Tiles packs contain each letter of the alphabet in lower case.Great for teachin..


Large Matching Pairs Tiles

Our Large Matching Pairs Tiles consist of 32 colourful tiles that each measure 23 x 23cm.Childre..


Literacy Booster Set

Our Literacy Booster Set contains:108 Letter Tiles. 27 Blend Tiles. Teaching Notes and Wo..


Alphabet Picture Playmat

Our Alphabet Picture Playmats are colourful and fun mats which feature pictoral representations of t..


Alphabet Picture Tiles

Our Alphabet Picture Tiles are great for teaching children the letters of the alphabet and playing l..


Alphabet Caterpillar Playmat

Our Alphabet Caterpillar Playmats are brightly coloured fun mats which have the lower case letters o..


Letter Tiles

Our Letter Tiles pack contains 82 lower case and 26 upper case stiffened felt letter squares. Letter..


Alphabet Giant Playmat

Our alphabet giant playmats are great for teaching children the letters of the alphabet.Upper..