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Whiteboards and Noticeboards

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School Whiteboards and Noticeboards
A staple of the classroom and the corridor, whiteboards and noticeboards offer students and staff a continuous stream of information; from displays to showcase students work, bulletins to classroom work. It’s important to get a sturdy and durable set of boards for your school.

Aluminium and Wooden-Framed Notice Boards
Go for a neutral grey, or more brightly coloured red or blue noticeboards, perfect for classroom displays or light-traffic school corridors. For busier corridors, we recommend a lockable notice board that protects your
displays from passing pupils.

Mobile or Fixed Dry-Wipe Whiteboards
Find fixed and mobile whiteboard options. Some options offer a magnetic capability to add more to your lesson presentation. Mobile whiteboards are double sided and have lockable wheels.