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Numeracy Resources

Numeracy Resources
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1-100 Giant Number Mat

Giant Number Mat are the perfect floor teaching aid showing numbers from 1 to 100.Made from a..


1-100 Number Tiles

Our 1-100 Number Tiles are stiffened felt squares showing the numbers 1 to 100, these match and comp..


Jumbo Numeracy Set

Set contains 1-24 number tiles, 1-24 counting tiles, 30 jumbo numbers, plastic animal counters, 4 bl..


Massive Indoor/Outdoor Numbers

Massive NumbersSuitable for use indoor and outdoor. Each number measures 50cm x 30cm...


Massive Number Lines

Our number lines large enough for children to step on, a great teaching tool for kinaesthetic learne..


Number Line Activity Pack

Set contains 1 table top worm number-line jigsaw puzzle 95x24cm, 1 snake number-line floor jigsaw pu..


Numeracy Booster Set

A set of 54 number and symbol tiles, 2 floor number lines, a 0 tile and 4 blank tiles, plastic anima..


Outdoor Lily Pads Set

A set of 8 versatile lily pad shaped mats for use outdoors. Intended as seats the lily..